Aspen Ridge now offers a full line of earth friendly reclaimed barnwoods and timber products.

Aspen Ridge Design Group
The Reclaimed Story

The vast majority of our wood is rescued from ranching operations east of the Rocky Mountains of Montana. These structures are part of the fabric that built the West.
They are former homesteads, barns, calving sheds, corrals and old commercial buildings that are historically significant to the West and the people who came here to start a new life.

The wood is a mixture of Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine, as this was indigenous to Montana and what was available 50-100 years ago when the building were constructed. 
Reclaiming the West
Whenever possible, we like to supply informationand pictures to clients reguarding the origin of their wood. Reusing this wood is a wonderful way to preserve our history and conserve our most beautiful resource...trees! Reincarnating this wood brings a soul to your structure and is something you can feel great about using.